Tattoo ideas

Tattoo ideas to inspire you

It is great to have a tattoo, it can represent a part of your life, or show something you love or are inspired with, but it can also show your favorite animal or football team. When choosing or coming up with a tattoo, you should give yourself time, because that picture will stay forever with you and you must be totally sure you won't hate it after some time.

A good way of choosing a tattoo is listing your characteristics, what you love and what you feel emotional about, for example: cats, patience, lion (horoscope sign), moon, NAC Breda football team and flowers. When having the list done pick some of those things that would look the best or pick only one of them and try to find a symbol for it, you can also get a set of them and they will ultimately show who and what you are. You can also do that with things you are not, but want to be one day, so you have a permanent reminder of what you want to be.

Draw a few pictures by yourself or find someone who draws really good and spend hours before you get what you want, change those images and play with shapes, that will make you feel artistic and the tattoo will have something to remind you about, because there is work put into it, not only money.

Quotes are always great, you must have a favorite movie, song, book or even line that you want to wear under your skin and you can do it now, so feel free to pick a few words, a cool font, that you can also create by yourself and let it be inked in. What do you think about getting it written like a mirror reflection, so it can only be read if someone has a mirror, that would be quite awesome, for sure.